Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Look At Me

I haven't posted a "Where's Mike" picture at a Rapids game in a while. So here is a "Where's Mike" video. Hint - You can find me in the first 40 seconds.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


This is part two for the post of my trip to Danxiashan Geopark in China. After lunch, we took a boat ride on the Renhua River. We then observed some culture in the village where the boat launch was located. After a rest, we went for another hike. We got a view of the Yang Yuan Rock. This is where you pay your respects if you desire a son. We then hiked to a natural bridge and walked across it. Here are the pictures.
Sleeping Beauty (The Mountain) & the boat launch.
An Elephant (The Mountain)
A former Entertainment Palace along the Renhua River. 
Renhua River
Renhua River
A little bit of culture in the village at the boat launch
The Yang Yuan Rock (left). The Peak on the right could be used for an opening of an Indiana Jones movie.
All about the Yang Yuan Rock
A natural bridge.  The Trail goes over it.
Yangyuanshan Mountain
Me on top of the natural bridge
Me on top of the natural bridge, Yangyuanshan Mountain is behind me
The stairs down. Going under the natural bridge.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Heart-Shaped Box

While in China, I took a train trip from Guangzhou to Shaoguan. From Shaoguan, we took a 45 minute bus ride to Danxiashan Geopark. We stayed two nights at a hotel at the entrance of the park. I wish we had stayed another night. There was a lot to see at this park. Mount Danxia is a mountainous area with all kind of rock outcrops and incredible cliffs. Some of rock formations are a bit unusual as the pictures will show. On the cliffs and mountain tops, there were Buddhist temples. The trails or stairs to these temples were quite impressive. The views were hazy, but I still took a lot of pictures. The pictures will be divided into two posts. Here are the pictures for part one.
View of Danxiashan Geopark from the Hotel Room
Cable Car to the top of Elder Peak
View of the direction we will walk on Elder Peak
Stairs in the rock
Me and haze
Snow Grotto Temple (First built during the Ming Dynasty. Additional structures added later.)
Snow Grotto Temple
Snow Grotto Temple
Renhua River
A Pavilion on top of the mountain
Leaving the Pavilion
Going Down
Still going down
More stairs down
Looking back up the stairs
Stairs, Pavilion at the top. On the left, the rock has a symbol that means happiness for marriage
The cliffs from near the bottom
Looking back at the stairs and pavilion
The trail signs called this the Female Rock
Zoom view of the Pavilion and stairs
Full view
At the bottom
Going to a boat launch to ride back to a village for lunch.

Monday, March 19, 2018

China Grove

During the excursion to Dabu County, we hired a ride to visit the Pingshan Terraces. And where are the Pingshan Terraces, well according to Chinadaily.com they are “located in Pingshan Village, Dadong Town, in the east of Dabu County, Guangdong province, 40km from the seat of Dabu County.” Dabu County is a county of Meizhou City. As I said in the previous post, the administrative districts are confusing. I am still learning. According to Wiki, Dabu County is the center of Hakka culture. Anyway the Pingshan Terraces were quite interesting. The construction was finished over 400 years ago during the early Qing Dynasty. It shows how determine mankind can be to farm on hilly terrain. I also got a good look at rural China during this trip. Here are the pictures.
View from the road
Pingshan Terraces
Pingshan Terraces with viewing platform
Water wheel at the terraces
View of a nearby village from the terraces
Another village from the terraces
Out on the terraces.  Viewing platform
A flower growing on the terraces
Looking back on the Pingshan Terraces
The Terraces are over there.
Picture of a building on the way back

Sunday, March 18, 2018


During my trip to China, I did not always stay in Guangzhou. On one of my excursions from Guangzhou, we traveled to the city of Meizhou and stayed a couple of nights.
Meizhou - In a park near our restaurant and hotel.
We didn’t spend much time in Meizhou. It was used as a base camp. We traveled to Dabu County which is an hour outside of Meizhou. I haven’t figured out the administrative designations for Cities, Counties, Villages, Towns, Districts, etc. It is different than the USA. While in Dabu County, we visited the Tai’an House. It is a house that goes back to 1764. It was quite interesting. Here are the pictures.
Streets of Dabu County
One of the most common modes of transportation.  This mode has been slightly altered.
It was common to find some signs in English.  There are usually misspellings.  This one has the County name wrong.  It should be Dabu County.
Tai'an Building
The only entrance to the Tai'an Building.
A Lantern and a view of the middle section.  The middle section was a common area where the families would cook and be social.
2nd Level view
Hallway by the outer wall
Inside one of the rooms
View from the third level
Me on the third level
Ground level
The middle area: This area would have been used for cooking during its time.
Middle area of the Tai'an Building.  The red on the ground is firecracker remains.  Firecrackers were constantly going off as it was the week of Spring Festival and the New Year.