Monday, March 12, 2018

Eat It

During my trip to China, I ate extremely well. The food was inexpensive and real good. It was nice to have the true Chinese Food rather than the Americanized versions you find in the usual Chinese Restaurants in the USA. I looked in the windows of several Pizza Huts in China; I never saw a pizza. I always saw Chinese Food on the tables at Pizza Hut. I didn’t go to any American chain places. I ate at Chinese places where I couldn’t read the menu. Thankfully, I had someone with me who could read the menu. I ate a few odd things, but almost everything was good. Usually it was outstanding. I am a big fan of Chinese Dumplings. They are like ravioli with a variety of different ingredients that can be placed in them. Shanghai Soup Dumplings was one of my favorites. You had to suck the soup out before you could eat it. I usually forgot to take a picture of the dumplings because they were so good. Here are the pictures of the food in which I remembered to take a picture.
Crispy Double Roll
Chicken Pot (includes vegetables and tofu)
Dry bamboo shoots and pork
Salty and Spicy Duck
Top: Sour and Sweet Rice Noodles.  Bottom: Crispy Taro Roll
Fried Fish Pot. The piece of food in the bottom left corner of the pan is a Lotus Root
Cattle Gut Soup
Cross Bridge Rice Noodles (The most famous noodles of Yunnan Province)
Tenderloin Rice Noodles
Seafood and vegetables with Abalone Juice
Left: Fried Dumplings.  Right: Vegetable and Pork Soup
Lettuce Pot
Roasted Pigeon
Left: Seafood Dumplings.  Right: Meatballs
Water Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

Sunday, March 11, 2018

(Nothing But) Flowers

This post is for Mom. Guangzhou is known as the "Flower City". One morning in Guangzhou, we traveled to Guangzhou Seed and Breeding Industry Town in Guangzhou's Nansha district. There we went to the largest Tulip Exhibition in Guangzhou's history. The show had over 200 varieties of flowers on area of around 20 acres. Not everything was in bloom, but a lot of flowers were. Here are the pictures. Sorry, I can't identify them.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


I was in Guangzhou for the Spring Festival and the Chinese New Year. One of the great things about this time of the year in China is all of the lanterns. It is said that lanterns make Chinese bright and beautiful. They brighten all of China. The lanterns were an amazing display as well as the lights of the buildings and towers. So for this post, I present my nighttime pictures in Guangzhou.
Canal near Liuhua Lake
Canal and shops near Liuhua Lake
Fish Lantern in Flower City Square
Lights on the ground in the Plaza (Zhujiang New Town)
Canton Tower in the Zhujiang New Town area of Guangzhou
Canton Tower is 1,982 feet tall.  It is the 4th tallest freestanding structure in the world
Lanterns on a bridge over the Zhujiang River
Canton Tower from the river
Opening Ceremonies and events for the 2010 Asian Games held here.
Exit to the Lantern exhibition in Yuexiu Park.  We saw the exit first.

A pretty lantern featuring Dolphins
Beijing Lantern.  Left side represents ornamental columns placed in front of tombs or palaces.  Right side represents Tiantan where the Emperor offers sacrifices to gods or ancestors.
Lantern covered sidewalk
Year of the Dog
Tang Dynasty (618 - 907)  One of China's greatest dynasties
Temple Fair Lantern.  Represents the start of Spring when young people meet...
Walkway through a lantern display
Giraffe after a treasure chest.
Soccer themed lantern