Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out In The Cold

Colorado got a lot of snow this weekend. I hear Loveland Ski Area got 43.5" over the past 3 days. It snowed Friday night and Sunday at my place. There maybe 6 inches of snow on the ground locally. It is a wet snow, which is good for snowballs. Too bad Carter is not around; I could throw snowballs at him. Here are a couple of pictures of the snow on Sunday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

In Reverse

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a laid back Thanksgiving. No ski trip this year for multiple reasons. Even without those reasons, I doubt there would have been a ski trip. The snow conditions are not that good this time of the year at least from the standpoint of someone who lives here. Anyway, this year I brought back the old Thanksgiving tradition of climbing a mountain and eating a sandwich on top. I climbed the Brother. It is an easy hike near Evergreen. I did this hike with the family this past summer. To make the hike a little different, I did the hike in reverse and hiked by the Sisters before climbing the Brother. It was a bit chillier this time around as well. It was about 32° F and overcast. A front has come through bringing cooler temperatures.

Me and a sandwich

Happy Thanksgiving,


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

With My Own Two Hands

I attended the US v Guatemala game tonight with my buddy Mark and some of his friends. The US won 2-0 with goals from Kenny Cooper and Freddy Adu. We had seats in the front row behind the Gatorade next to the US Bench. It was quite fun being down that low. Mark had fun giving Guatemala’s fans the business. We had a loud group a few rows back from us. Overall, the crowd was disappointing turnout. All things considered, the game was mid-week and meaningless to the US. There was absolutely no advertising for the game. The tickets were the most expensive of the three home games this round. I’m not sure why, they had to expect this game would be meaningless. I hope US Soccer Federation considers all of this when thinking about future games. Anyway I had fun at the game. I even got my hands on the game ball. The ball bounced my way about a minute before the half, and I caught it.

As for the game, I think the US did well. Guatemala did not offer much. I was surprised; I figured they would go all out since they had to win. They sat back more then I thought they would. The US defense was never really tested until late in the game after it was already decided. US soccer fans got their wish of having Altidore, Cooper, and Adu in the line-up. They did well after settling down after some bad touches early on. Altidore assisted on Cooper's goal. Adu nailed a free kick. He did have quite a few poor dead ball kicks before that though. I thought Adu looked dangerous overall in the run of play. Overall, I was happy with the team's play considering that it was a mix of the "C-Team" with "A-Team" hopefuls.

I attended the American Outlaws Tailgate Party before the game. It was cool. Nowhere near as big as the one in D.C. It was still a good atmosphere. Free Beer and Food. I got to meet Captain America, Abe Lincoln, Neil Armstrong, Rocky Balboa, and Paul Revere. They are from Pennsylvania. They were the same guys we saw in D.C. last month. Here are some pictures from the tailgate and game.

Neil Armstrong plays soccer


Brian Ching and Conor Casey getting ready to go into the game.

Cooper, Adu, & Altidore on the bench after getting the job done.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Greetings all. Not much in the way of new adventures to report this weekend. However, out of the blue, my favorite nephew sent me a picture in the mail. He shared his picture with me, so I decided I would share it with the rest of the world.

Thanks Carter! It put a smile on my face.


Sunday, November 02, 2008


It has been a rough couple of weekends for my sports teams. Last weekend the Rapids were kept out of the playoffs by a 90th minute goal by Real Salt Lake. That was a heartbreaking event that I attended. And of course this weekends event, which I’m sure more people are aware of, my Bulldogs were nothing more than pure swamp lizard food. Just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to make this an “R” rated blog. Thank goodness, I was able to find solace in the mountains.

Idaho Springs Reservoir: View towards Mt. Evans, & Mt. Spalding.

I can’t say I really wanted to post anything today, but I figured I better let people know I hadn’t jumped off a cliff after Saturday.