Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here is part 2 of my Phoenix trip that took place the previous weekend. On Saturday, January the 21st, I got up early and drove to Lost Dutchman State Park to do a little hiking in the Superstition Mountains. The state park is located just east of the Phoenix metro area. I was on the trail at about ten till eight and there were already quite a lot of people out hiking. Sunrise was probably at 7:30 too. I didn’t have much of plan as to where I was going to hike. I looked at the park map and choose the hardest and longest trail. It would take me to the top of The Flatiron at 4861 feet. The hike was good choice and quite popular as well. I took the Siphon Draw Trail which leads into a steep and gorgeous canyon. The maintained trail ends at an intermittent waterfall. I imagine the only time there is waterfall there is after a good rain. There was a small pool of water at the base. It is said that most people turn around at this point, but from what I saw, a very good percentage kept going. It got rough too. It is written that in the next mile there is 1500 foot elevation gain. It felt longer than a mile. I had to use my hands quite a bit. I was rewarded with a great view from the top of the Flatiron.

Shortly after cresting the plateau, trail is down below

Looking South from The Flatiron.

Looking North from The Flatiron

A sad part about this hike is that I found out about a plane crash that happened just before Thanksgiving last year. The trail goes real close to the site. The details of the crash are extremely tragic and depressing. If you want to know more, Google it.

The plane crash site from The Flatiron

It was cold and windy on the top of the Flatiron. So I didn’t stay too long on top. Going down was slow due to the steepness and the ton of people out hiking.

The Flatiron

Looking down on the trail

Cactus on the way down

Above the dry waterfall

The pool of water at the base of the dry waterfall

Looking back at the Flatiron

Looking back one last time.

On the same day as the hike above, I attended a soccer game between the US and Venezuela. It was a meaningless friendly without the big stars, but it was still fun to attend. It had a great crowd for a meaningless game as well. The announced crowd was over 22,000 people. I would say about 95 percent of the people where cheering for the US. I didn’t see any major Venezuelan sections. I ran into a few people from Colorado at the game. Some of them I know, some I didn’t. Anyway here are some pictures from after the game.

Look for the Colorado flag behind the goal. That's where I was for most of the game.

Me on the field

Monday, January 23, 2012

Training Day

Life found me outside of Colorado this past weekend. I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for an extended weekend. I did a little hiking and caught a soccer game. This post is part 1 of 2 two posts that I will dedicate to this trip.

I arrived in Phoenix late Thursday night. Despite my late arrival, I got up early and went hiking Friday morning. I climbed Picketpost Mountain which is located east of Phoenix near the small town of Superior. While Picketpost Mountain only has an elevation of 4375 feet, it is a tough climb. There is a lot of scrambling over rocks in order to get up the mountain. I had to use my hands quite a few times. There are routes marked by rock cairns and paint; however, it is quite easy to get off route. I found my way though. I had the top to myself. I did see a couple of people going up as I was going down. But for the most part I had the mountain to myself. Here are some pictures from the hike.
The way up Picketpost Mtn.
Looking west towards Phoenix & US 60
Mailbox on top.
Superior, AZ
Me on top
Me again
Southern view
Going Down
Picketpost Mtn.
Friday afternoon/evening, I attended the US Men’s soccer training session. They had an open practice for fans to watch at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. I had a VIP pass since I am such an important person. I got to watch the practice from field level. The practice consisted of a few drills and some eight on eight. After practice, the players came over to the fans and signed autographs. I didn’t have anything with me that I wanted to get autographed. So I just took pictures and shock hands with a few of the players. I did have a short chat with Jeff Larentowicz. He plays for the Rapids my favorite club team. Here are some pictures from the training session.
Inside University of Phoenix Stadium with the roof open
Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann (center)
Several US Soccer players
More players
Jermaine Jones kicking the ball
A.J. DelaGarza and Benny Feilhaber

Monday, January 16, 2012

Begin The Begin

It is a new year, and it is time to finally tear down the wall and begin posting stuff occasionally. Yesterday, I went for a hike at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Here are some pictures from the hike.