Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anyone Seen The Bridge?

I went for a short hike today along Grape Creek. It was more of exploring trip to see what was there. I parked at B.F. Rockefeller Ecology Park. I walked through the open space park to BLM land. I then cut through a water gap that took me to Grape Creek. I crossed the creek and followed a horse trail upstream into Temple Canyon. I crossed the creek 7 times before I decided I had enough of testing luck on my rock hoping skills. The water was low, so it wasn't too hard to get across the creek. It looks like the water gets pretty high during the spring runoff. The canyon was quite pretty. It is worth further exploring.

Looking towards Tanner Peak

Grape Creek

Crossing spot

Ah, Sheep

Lots of Cactus in the Canyon

Grape Creek