Wednesday, December 16, 2009

East Bound And Down

I'm on the way to North Carolina, and I'm driving. I left Wednesday morning. I made it to Mt. Vernon, Illinois for the night. Tomorrow, I get to drive through Indiana. That's a new state for me. Here are a couple of road pics from the day.

Sunrise on the Colorado plains

Wind Farm about 25 miles west of Salina, Kansas

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Excellent Birds

Greetings! It has gotten chilly in Colorado. It didn't get above freezing today. I saw that it is predicted to be 2 below in downtown Denver tonight. (The airport, which is the official reading, will be even colder) It should be a little warmer where I am at, but not by much. I walked to Bear Creek Lake Park today. It seems I make this walk every winter. It is a nice walk in the snow. The lake is starting to freeze over for the winter. It is still too thin to walk on. Here's a picture and movie from today.