Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Falling Snow, Excellent Snow

It was cold & snowy this past weekend in Colorado. The mountains got pounded according to reports. On Saturday, it snowed in Denver. I stayed around my neighborhood. I went for a walk over at Bear Creek Lake Park. It is an easy walk from my place. Here are a couple of pictures.

Me on the side of Mt. Carbon above Bear Creek Lake.

The shores of Bear Creek Lake

We only got a few inches in Denver. The snow had stopped by Sunday. It is Monday evening now, and it is snowing again after a sunny day.

Hey GG, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!



Sunday, December 02, 2007

Chaos Theory

Well my national championship dreams for Georgia are over. I can't say I'm surprised; I figured LSU needed to lose as well. It is disappointing in that I believe Georgia is a better team than both LSU and Ohio State. What is more disappointing is that the Rose Bowl didn't select Georgia. A match up with USC would have been great because I don't know who should be the better team between them. It would have been good for the SEC vs. PAC-10 debate as well. But the Jurassic Rose Bowl decided to choose the Big Ten team that exposed Ohio State. Georgia gets Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. I hope Georgia can get up for it. From what I have seen of Hawaii they could have won the Big Ten. Hopefully we can have several more seasons of chaos without a true national champion. Then maybe the people in charge of the "that's the way it is system" will realize that they could make a lot more money with a playoff. While they are making money, we could have a true national champion that is decided on the field.

Enough of my college football ramblings. The weather has been cold in Colorado. I hear the high country finally got pounded with some good snow this weekend. We really didn't get anything other the ice on the roads in Denver. I went for my hike on Sunday once again. I went to Deer Creek Canyon Open Space Park. It is in the foothills southwest of Denver. I climbed up Plymouth Mountain (7,295 Ft.) It beautiful place to hike especially with snow on the ground.

That's me at the scenic view on Plymouth Mtn.