Friday, January 03, 2014

Even Flow

The pictures in this post are almost 2 months old. So the first post of this year is a post that should have been done last year. Anyway, I had a road trip in mid-November that took me through northeast New Mexico. I stopped off at Capulin Volcano National Monument. I had been there before as a kid. I found the area more beautiful than I remember. I hiked the Crater Rim Trail and the Boca Trail. Here are the pictures of the area.
View from the Crater Rim Trail
Sierra Grande - a shield volcano
View of the crater and parking lot from the rim.
Sierra Grande (8723 ft.)
Looking towards Folsom.  Baby Capulin is also visible
Robinson Peak
Robinson Peak from the Boca Trail
Capulin Volcano (8,182 ft.) is a Cinder Cone
Capulin Volcano from the Highway.  FYI, there are cows out there